Access Statement

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for

those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and

services that we offer all our guests/visitors.

Access Statement for The Old Workshop, Heathfield TN21 8UU



The Old Workshop is situated at the end of a branch road off Swife Lane and is 3.5 miles from Heathfield East Sussex. The accommodation is all provided on the ground floor and is bright and spacious. There is a terrace overlooking farmland and the valley of the River Rother. It is fully fitted out for self catering.

There are two bedrooms adjoining the living accommodation. One of these has an en-suite shower room and toilet. There is an additional bathroom, with bath and toilet.

Access to both bathrooms is through a normal sized door, and without handrails making it inappropriate for some with mobility difficulties.

There is a 1.3m (51”) wide pavement from the parking area around to the front door and all on level ground.

There is a 12cms (5”) threshold to clear over the lip of the front door into the entry hall porch. A ramp is available for wheelchair users upon application..

We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require

any assistance please phone or email – contact details  are contained in this website



For directions please refer to our website

Because of The Old Workshop’s remote location, being one mile from the A265, guests should only consider travelling by car. Buses operate hourly along the A265 to Heathfield from where one is able to connect to other bus routes

Car Parking and Arrival

  A flat gravelled parking area is available for guests and are welcome to leave their car(s) (4 maximum) there for the duration their stay.

Automatic outside security lights will illuminate should arrival be after dark

The front porch is automatically lit with a movement sensed light.

The entrance has a 12cms (5”) threshold to clear as previously mentioned There are no handrails.

The width of the door is 78cms. (30.5″)

All doors within the accommodation are 78cms wide with the exception of the cylinder cupboard door 55cms (21.5”)


If Guests require assistance to enter the property, then please advise the Manager (Jenny Walters) in advance or the owner (Peter Horwood) so that they know to be on hand and give an introduction.

Guests will be shown straight in to the living area where there

is seating and access to facilities. The whole floor area is fitted with wood laminate finish. All areas are well lit with ceiling mounted lights using mainly low energy bulbs.

Automatic lights are illuminated within the corridor to the bedrooms and within the internal porch area. These are motion activated when the natural light has faded.

There is no loop system however the TV and radio can be played as loud as they will go without causing disturbance. Any

requirement for visual or hearing assistance should be discussed with  the Manager to see how she can help.

An appliance instruction manual (entitled “Guests Notes) is provided.



The bedrooms are located down a short corridor off the main living area. Both rooms have a combination of curtains over adjustable venetian blinds.

All bedding is non allergenic and cotton.

Bedroom 1

The main bedroom is 4.7m x 3.4m and has 2 single beds. The beds are 67cms high. There are also:-

Dressing table 78cms high

Dressing table chair 46cms high

Wardrobe 1.00m wide. Height to rail 1.9ms

En-suite to bedroom1

       Toilet  – 44cms high

Wash basin – 85cms

Lip to shower – 20 cms

Wall cupboard 1.5ms above floor level which illuminates with hand        motion on it’s right-hand side.

There are no handrails within this room

Bedroom 2

This room is 3.45m x 3.45m and has two beds which are       66cms high

There are also:-

Dressing table chair – 46cms high

Dressing table – 66 cms high

Wardrobe – 80 cms wide and height to rail 1.6ms

Bathroom 2

The standard sized bath has 56cm sides .

There is a shower cubicle with a 19cms threshold

The toilet is 44cms high.

Wall cupboard at 1.5m which illuminates with hand motion on the underside of the cupboard

There are no hand rails within this bathroom.

Lighting to both bathrooms is by string pull – with central lighting and automatic air extractors.

Living room area and kitchen

 The facilities here are found within an area of 8m x 6.9m

The kitchen area is equipped with electric hob and oven, fridge/freezer and microwave.

Other equipment is stored in floor cupboards. Crockery and drinking vessels are kept in two wall cupboards at 1.5ms but their contents can be moved to a lower level if required.

The living area has a dining table and 4 chairs and a corner sofa which is 40cms (16”) high and can be used for one or two people to sleep upon, it being 2.5m long and 1.3m wide

A combination of ceiling, wall and table lamps are available.

All decoration is pale blue walls with slightly darker blue/grey woodwork.

The rooms are very bright during the day having a lot of window space.

Wifi is available free of charge generally with a good download speeds. The password is shown in the Guests Notes folder.

There is a smart TV which has terrestrial channels as well as free to view Netflix

TV Remote controls instructions  can be found in the Guests Notes folder. DVDs can also be played through the same TV.  There is no telephone fitted, however the major mobile network providers have good signal strength.


Heating and hot water is supplied through an oil fired boiler. There are radiators in every room. Hot water is very hot and caution should be exercised.

The heating controls are on a dial on the wall (height 1.3m) of the corridor. Should there be a need to alter the timer control, this can be found in the cylinder cupboard the entrance to which is 55cms (21.5”) wide and the control is at a height of 1.38m (54”). There is a torch hanging next to the control to assist with viewing the control.


For contact should an emergency arise please telephone the Manager (Jenny Walters).

The Owner lives next door, 50 yards up the hill at Oakleigh.

In the event of a power-cut  emergency lighting will automatically illuminate for approximately 8 hours or until power is reconnected.

There is a mains wired smoke alarm linked to the smoke alarm in the main room.

There is a “fire assessment” for viewing within the Guests Notes manual.

The front door is lockable and guests will be provided with their own key which should be returned upon departure.


Because of the nature of the site where there are some steep gradients and woodland hazards (tree roots, rabbit and badger holes etc.) care must be taken, however the site is open to visitors to roam.

The garden is mainly grass, borders and woodland.


Contact Information

Address for letters The Old Workshop,c/o Oakleigh, Swife Lane, Broad Oak, Heathfield, East Sussex TN21 8UU

Telephone:-  07720 289377

Minicom: none



Grid Reference: 50.993717, 0.307752

50°59’36.4″N 0°18’28.0″E

Hours Of Operation: 08:00 to 20:00

Local Accessible Taxi: French & Sons 01435 867777